Weld valley logging protests

Huon Valley Environment Centre has made a video documenting the protest against logging in the Weld Valley, in Tasmania’s southern forests. It runs for an hour, and to watch it you’ll need at least 800kbps link speed and Quicktime 7.

More for more information about the campaign to save the Weld, see the Huon Valley Environment Centre site. If your link isn’t fast enough to watch the video here on the page, or you’d like a copy to show to your friends, then please use Bit Torrent to download a copy and help with it’s distribution. You’ll find the torrent file here at the Pirate Bay. Download the torrent file from there and put it in the torrent client of your choice. [Oh, and let me know if you have any trouble (martin -at- this site) if it doesn't work for any reason. But note that I'll be away over Christmas so if it hasn't made it into the "wild" by then service may be patchy until new year.]

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