Ötzi the iceman had a full stomach

The 5300 year old ice man found in the mountains between Austria and Italy has had his stomach contents reexamined. Previously scientists had mistaken his colon for his stomach and thought it empty. Now they say he ate a large meal of Ibex meat 30-60 minutes before he was killed by an arrow in his back.

Apparently he ate a lot of red meat, since he had 3 gallstones and fatty arteries at the time of his death. He was 45 years old and 5’ 5” (165cm) tall and weighed 50kg. His diet was also high in grains, eaten as bread. He had whipworm, lyme disease, dental cavities, spinal problems (which it seemed were treated with acupuncture) and had been sick three times in the 6 months before his death, on the last occasion this lasted two weeks.

His equipment included shoes of complex construction, possibly snowshoes, a copper axe, a knife, a bow and 14 arrows, an antibacterial fungus, and a flint and tinder kit.


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